Coaching with Dr. Felix
Tried, Trusted, Transformative


For 3 years our Montana - N.Wyoming Conference United Church of Christ had a vision staring us in the face, but we had not been able to name it. We invited Rev. Dr. Felix Villanueva to coach our Board of Directors. In a six-hour retreat with Felix, the Board was able to clearly recognize its vision AND simply articulate three mission priorities AND set tasks for implementation. Felix's energy sparks the energy of the group and his expertise instills confidence.


Conference Minister

Felix joined us for our conference board meeting this fall to lead us through a planning process, but his work and energy led us much further. Felix is a skilled pastor, teacher and facilitator, and his living faith shown through every aspect of his work with us. I left this meeting with a clear plan for work I had committed to do, in addition to a new excitement for the vision Felix helped us create for our conference. I thought, "NOW we are getting somewhere," thanks to Felix' leadership and expertise.


Speaking for myself, Felix was the right person at the right time to assist our working group in defining our key goals and vision.  Felix led us through a process that enabled us to identify the key, core fundamentals of our vision and led us to set forth the tasks to implement that vision, all accomplished with a great sense of teamwork, humor, and spirit. 


As a Professional Certified Coach, Dr. Villanueva's piercing questions cut through the fog like a lighthouse beacon. Tapping into the wisdom that lies within each one of us, Felix will help you navigate the waters of your journey, no matter how stormy the seas.

B. J.